Costa Rica has to deal with fuel shortage

According to the latest news, more than 4 gas stations have closed in the province of San José. Due to the fact, that they are out of fuel. So the trade union is beginning to have an impact. Even in the morning, petrol station operators in the provinces of Guanacaste on the Pacific coast and Limón on the Atlantic coast declared that they only had diesel left.

Afraid of a secret trade with fuel

Large waiting lines are formed in front of gas stations. The drivers want to refuel again, before there is no gasoline left. A lot of service station operators expressed concern about the current situation. In order to avoid a secret trade with overpriced gas and diesel, it is forbidden to fill fuel in canisters since this morning.

4 times slower than before

The reason for this shortage is the slowed down transport route of the tank trucks. Instead of the regular 6 hours for loading and transporting, it now takes 24 hours. The aim of the strike is to draw attention to the bas working conditions of the forwarders.

That leads us to the question, should we still aim for an economic growth?

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