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Maybe there is no trend as popular right now: blogger on Instagram, brand ambassadors on Facebook, Youtube-Tutorials about the newest products – you can see them everywhere, Superfoods. Not only Hollywood-Stars, also the girl from the neighborhood swears on this little wonder of the nature. But are Superfoods really worth the try? Or are there just some heck of product marketing genies making a good job?

What are Superfoods?

Let’s get closer to the topic with a bit of critical curiousity. You are not able find a clear definition of Superfood. While doing some research for a Superfood-list you also find different foods on different sites. So what does actually make a Superfood a Superfood? That’s easy: foods that have a positive influence on our health because of a high nutrient desenty and on top are nearly processed, can be defined as Superfoods. These are e.g. chia seeds, acai, cacao, goji, spiraling, chlorella, maca, avocado, papaya, mooring, kurkuma, blueberries and depending on the list it goes on and on.

And what is the effect?

So if you take some of these products to you, you can recharge your energy ranges with antioxidants, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins, enzymes, proteins, iron and dietary fiber quickly. Many superfoods help at various diseases (for example, cancer) or other complaints. Besides the health care industry, the foodsellers benefit of the current fitness trend: Low Carb High Fat (LCHF) High Carb, Paleo diet – so many possibilities you barely see the forest for the trees. Building of muscles and fat burning should get stimulated.

Content of truth

Consider the history of superfoods before they became Superfoods, everything speaks for the effect of these miracle foods. They were used in order to strengthen warriors before moving into a battle or for increasing fertility. Already hundreds of years ago, the various berries, seeds and nuts have paid off.

And also us, from the Hotel Paraiso del Cocodrilo, can confirm an effect of some foods. For six years now Hotel boss Rainer takes some moringa seeds on days which demand a lot of power. These give him energy for the entire day! Even the one or other experimental guest is surprised of the action and takes a small supply home. But is it just the same with turmeric, ginger and papaya. There is no need to modify the products produced by the nature again in a capsule or powder form.

It goes like this: going in the garden, planting, waiting to pick and enjoy your own really untreated Superfoods. Grown on the hotel grounds different nuts, pollen, seeds and fruits have already took a permanent place in the organic menue of the restaurant of the Costa Rica hotel lodge. So here we agree with Angela Clausen, food expert. She advises to be sceptical about highly processed foods: „If you want to take superfoods, then you should definitely better eat the whole fruit then a powder or capsules.“

Superfoods are super!

To sum this topic together: Superfoods have a positive effect on humans. Tested and approved! Hotel boss Rainer bet his diabetes since he immigrated to Costa Rica. But already an apple with many minerals, trace elements and vitamins could be classified as Superfood. However, it is obvious why it isn’t offically classified as one of them: an apple is an apple, and even for the greatest marketing pro it will be difficult to change this image in humans heads. No profit, no interest.

And better than any Superfood is classically the healthy and balanced diet. Of course, the idea is tempting to eat a miracle food once a day, the rest of the day some fast food and tell everyone that you’re living really healthy. Nobody said that healthy living is easy. Trust in your intuition and listen to your body! How do you feel after you finished the double bacon double cheese burger with side fries and onion rings? I can speak for myself and say: I usually feel satiated me, I’m tired and would like to lie down. After a nice piece of fish or meat or even the good old sandwich with avocado, cheese or whatever it looks quite different.

But again: everything in moderation. Avoiding every contact with burgers, chocolate and other sweet sins, makes life definetly less fun. Variety is the key. Discover your own superfoods and very important: food is fun, food makes you happy, food is social and not tied to trends – good appetite and Pura Vida!


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