Deal of life

One says, „Everybody has a Tequila story“. And some of them are already wild. But this British couple now has a rum-story and it’s a real hit.

They have just arrived on their honeymoon in Sri Lanka and celebrate the first evening with the bartender and some glasses of rum. The hotel employee tells the two that the current lease for the hotel will soon expire and the facility can then be taken over. The newly wed couple from London let this statement go through their heads together with some rum and struck. 35.000€ rent, 8.000€ fees and 7.000€ renovation costs.

Hotel has been busy.

One would think the two of them would wake up the next day with a hell of a hangover and clean things up. No, they meet with the current owners, have a drink and negotiate the conditions. Since July 2018, they have actually been the official owners of the Lucky Beach Tangalle Hotel. 

We, the staff from Hotel Paraíso del Cocodrilo keep our fingers crossed and congratulate them on their pregnancy! Otherwise it would have become really too easy…

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PS. Since becoming owners of the hotel in July, the couple’s Sr Lankan hotel has been busy.