Tour from Hotel Paraíso del Cocodrilo to Playa Pelada (Nosara)


Pickup Dogs
Beni and Jako in the Pickup

The Hotel Paraíso del Cocodrilo is an excellent starting point to take cool tours that are nearby. That means, many attractions, little stress, a lot of rest.

The journey starts

Dogs packed in the back of our Pickup. Here we go! The drive through the Costa Rican jungle starts.

We head north with our jeep and follow the holey roads. On the left we can see the Pacific Ocean, which is visible a few meters off the road between the trees. The sun is shining and good mood is spreading.

The anticipation of an adventurous day rises as we drive the little way through Guiones towards the beach. You can smell the sea air and when we get out of the car, our hair is blown out of your face by a light breeze. We let the dogs down from the pickup and walk down to the beach.

Playa Galardonada

Beautiful beach galardonada
Beach in Guiones

Barefoot strolling to the water we are overtaken by Jako and Beni, the two Labradors. They lie down in the sea and romp.

The sun is burning in the cloudless sky and the sea water is the only cooling we can get. The fantastic view leaves many speechless faces. Surf schools show their students how to stand on the board for the first time. The waves here are not very strong, ideal for beginners.

In the distance we see the abandoned hotel. Whereupon we set off in his direction. The walk of about twenty minutes on the beach seems shorter than expected. The paradisiacal environment is very distracting.

We leave the beach and take a small path which leads us past the empty hotel. The hotel area is large and modern designed. It is hidden behind the trees. I wonder why such a beautiful building is empty and what it would be like to get a look into the abandoned hotel …

The path leads us directly to the beach Pelada. We see kids playing in the water, locals picnicking and fishermen getting their boats ready. The beach is beautiful and almost deserted.

Playa Pelada

When my stomach began to growl, the restaurant La Luna appeared behind some palm trees just in time. Hungry we sat down on a sofa in the idyllic garden of the restaurant and enjoyed the breathtaking view. We ordered one of the organic „platos“ and quenched our appetite.

Eat and drink at La Luna Costa Rica
View at Restaurant La Luna

After it began to drizzle for a few minutes, we made our way back to Guiones.

Small village in the middle of the jungle

Arrived in the village of Guiones, we visit a few small shops. The village is quite small, but very modern, we didn’t expect to find it in the middle of the tropics. In addition to the many souvenir shops you will also find a clothes shop, which was built outdoors. Unfortunately, the prices are not as cheap as expected. I have to put back my dress that I tried on. Way too expensive.

Further up in the village we visit an organic shop where we have more luck. The paradise for anyone who likes healthy, organic food. I see the freshly made empanadas, cookies and brownies and my mouth’s watering.

Excursion en total

palmtrees and nature in costa rica
Beach Galardonada

Unfortunately, the day is drawing to a close and we are heading home. Guiones, Galardonada beach and Pelada beach are worth the trip. Very close to Samara and still almost no tourists. A deserted beach and a meal in the beautiful restaurant with sea views.

We will remember many moments and impressions from this cool trip and look forward to the next tour.



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