Horsejungle Samara

riding along the beach

Horsejungle Samara

Yesterday I did an adventurous riding tour at the horsejungle together with my parents who visited me here in Costa Rica for Christmas…

Once riding along the beach and galloping through the sand – A childhood dream that should finally come true in Costa Rica! I for myself have taken riding lessons from an early age. Sometimes mom accompanied me horseback riding and so we decided to ride out together in Costa Rica.

Good attitude

Since I’ve been arriving, I have always been looking for the right supplier to do the tour with. In Samara itself, many horseback ridings are offered on the beach, but in my opinion you should not support this because the horses look emaciated and are exposed and stressed by the masses of tourists. My boss Rainer, who shares the same opinion, then recommended me the „horsejungle“. This is just outside of Samara, in the middle of the pampas. The horses have a lot of space and look well-fed and fit. In addition, each horse is taken only once a day for a ride.

Dreams come true

Rainer has registered us in time for the 2.5 hour tour to Playa Buena Vista. When we got there, we were received totally friendly by our guide, a girl from Belgium. Our horses were already saddled and ready to go, so we just had to jump up and the wild ride could start! First we went through various private fincas in the middle of the jungle of Guanacaste and the crocodile river – but without crocodiles – had to be crossed.

Then we passed the Hotel Costa Rica and continue towards Playa Buena Vista. When we arrived there it was low tide and we had the complete beach for us and could stroll with the horses through the waves of the sea – a dream! On the beach we’ve also made a small photo shooting and there was the big highlight: who had desire could gallop a bit along the beach! Of course, I did not reject this offer and so my big dream came true.

Definitely recommendable

From the beach we went back across the jungle and through cow pastures back to the stable. On the way we have also seen a variety of animals: howler monkeys, squirrels, iguanas, etc. The tour is really recommendable, our guide has always asked if everything fits and she had great care for us. The horses were very nice and suitable for beginners as well as for professionals. That’s why I can only recommend anyone who wants to ride in Costa Rica to do it at the horsejungle in Samara! Pura Vida

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Costa Rica is always a showpiece



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