hotel internship (part 7)

cloudforest internship Costa Rica
Monteverde Nationalpark

Everything is coming to an end – hotel internship part 7

After spending a few days in Nicaragua, we were really looking forward to return to Costa Rica soon…

hotel internship Costa Rica jungle
Monteverde cloud forest

Early in the morning we made our way back to the border. We were expected from the same groggy boat trip, the same annoying taxi drivers and the same difficult crossing border, as on our arrival. And as luck would have it, we were also expected by the same bad-tempered and unmotivated lady as at the time of our arrival, at the counter. It was raining heavily and we sprinted with our whole luggage the 400 meters to the border of Costa Rica. There, they told us kindly that we had no stamp in our passport. I beg your pardon? We thought it was a joke but it wasn’t, the incompetent lady could really not manage to put the stamps into our passports! What an annoyance – we had to run all the way back and then she was kind of pissed, what we were doing here again. No excuse and no insight. In the end she made the stamp and we were finally able to return to Costa Rica, our promised land.

Playa Hermosa

It immediately drew us back to the beach and the sea, especially after the disappointment of Lake Nicaragua. Spontaneously we decided to visit Playa Hermosa and there we stayed for three nights. Our days there were wonderful and totally relaxing, we were just enjoying the sea and the sun. Every now and then we drank some beer in the nice bar on the beach or sipped the water from coconuts. The time was passing unfortunately too fast and like nothing out of nowhere we had only four days left, before I had to go back to the hotel and Karo back to Germany. Since we already spent a lot of time at the sea, our last stop should once again be a real jungle experience. And so we set off for the mountains, to Monteverde, the famous cloud forests!

snake in Monteverde
Monteverde animals

Tarantula and snake

Yet the arrival to Monteverde was an adventure. For 38 km we needed two hours! The way up to the mountains was steep, narrow and bumpy – that was probably explaining the darkened windows of the bus, because you shouldn’t have weak nerves while looking out of the bus. We enjoyed the ride and especially the view of the mythically cloudy mountain landscape to the fullest. When we arrived in Santa Elena, Edith, the owner of the ‘Chillout-House’ was already awaiting us to bring us to her lovingly and comfortably furnished accommodation. Since we arrived in the afternoon, we could directly feel the typical weather: rain and fog at a maximum of 20 degrees. We weren’t used to these temperatures and so we had to dress up with some warm clothes. But it was also a nice change in comparison to the heat of the past weeks.

The next morning we went by bus to the Monteverde nature reserve, where we met Jorge, our tour guide which we have allowed ourselves. And in hindsight, this was probably the best thing we could have done. He led us through the cloud forest, told us amazing and interesting stories about different plants and animals, and showed us things which we would never have discovered without his trained eye: tarantula, snake, huge amounts of insects, orchids, hummingbirds etc. The day was really successful and I can only recommend to anyone, to get a guide when visiting the reserve, it was definitely worth the money.

hotel internship weather Costa Rica
rainy days in Monteverde

Time to say goodbye

The last days the time was flying. One day we had a four-hour hike on our own through the Santa Elena reserve where we’ve gone lost due to the bad signposting and a soggy and therefore unreadable card. Because of heavy rain dropping on the already bad road, there were slowly formed rivers and we felt like Indiana Jones – we just missed a machete. Somehow we finally made it to the park exit and who can assert of himself to have already been lost into the jungle! We had such a great time but everything goes by some time and for us there came the time to say goodbye. Karo made her way to Alajuela airport and I took the bus to Samara. And there is already a new adventure waiting for me: my hotel internship in Costa Rica!

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