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I have been here in the Hotel Paraiso del Cocodrilo since 4 months now and it is really hard for me to understand, that my internship will already be over next week….

Crazy beginning

I do remember my first working day on October 1st here very well. At this time the hotel was completely empty most of the time, because it was rainy season and there was nearly nobody coming to us in the jungle. Right at the beginning of my internship there was the tropical storm „Nate“ raging through Costa Ria. But we have only noticed the real strength of the storm when it had already been over because we didn’t have electricity for about 4 days. While my family was worried at home because I didn’t give any sign of life and the media in Germany was showing dramatical scenes, I was sitting here in the jungle and thought that this would be just usual rain for this time of the year. But finally I was very happy when the internet and especially the electricity came back!

low season 

In the months of October, November, and the beginning of December, I was mainly busy with computer work. I wrote articles on very different topics both in English and in German, which I published on various blogs. In addition, I worked with the content management systems Drupal, Typo3 and WordPress to keep the websites of the hotel up to date. First, I had my doubts whether the internship would bring me something for my studies but in retrospect, I’ve definitely learned a lot about dealing with CMS and about marketing. I even had the opportunity to create a completely new WordPress website according to my ideas. Often my work was like the principle of „learning by doing“, but in my opinion this is also good for you, because you have to deal intensively with the topic and must also look for suitable solutions to problems.

Preparations for the season

From mid-December, however, my work was focused less on the computer and more on the guests. In addition, Christmas – and thus the absolute high season – was just around the corner and a lot of work had to be done before all the guests came to the hotel! All rooms and apartments are updated every year again and thus we had to buy new mattresses, sheets, towels etc. We could buy a lot of this stuff in Nicoya but since I had to leave Costa Rica anyway, to get another 3 month stay here, Rainer and I had to drive one day early in the morning to Nicaragua to the border and on our way back we visited the Walmart in Liberia.

Visit from home

I was especially happy for Christmas, and not because Christmas meant so much to me, but because my visit from home came to the hotel: my mother with her boyfriend and a can of home-baked cookies in her luggage! The reunion after 4 months was probably the best Christmas present I could have gotten. And the following two weeks were probably the most beautiful for me here in the hotel. We went horseback riding, we went to Samara together, had a nice day at the Playa Carillo, went to the music session in the Flying Taco, etc. At the same time, the work was the most exhausting because the hotel was fully booked and therefore there was a lot of work in the restaurant and service.


Finally, I can say that I had a great time here at the hotel. I was able to get to know many nice people, make new contacts, speak a lot of Spanish and learn a lot. And also with my boss Rainer I got on really well and we spent a lot of time together. I spent my free time on the beach, in the pool, in Samara or simply relaxed in one of the hammocks of the hotel garden. The 4 months that seemed firstly so long, have passed as in flight and I am glad to see all my loved ones at home soon but at the same timeI am sad to have to leave this beautiful place. Fortunately, my Costa Rica adventure is not over yet, as I have another 6 weeks to go exploring the country and neighboring Panama.

I can only recommend to anyone from my own experience, to do an internship here in the Hotel Costa Rica. At hotel internship Costa Rica  and hotel internship Costa Rica part 2 you can also read how I came to my internship here.

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