hotel internship (part 2)

hotel internship beach
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Internship Costa Rica, Here we go! (chapter 2)

After getting the acceptance for my hotel internship in the hotel Costa Rica, I directly started to prepare all the necessary things and to make some decisions.

hotel internship beach
Playa Buena Vista

From the beginning, it seemed very important to me, to discover the country before the internship was starting. That’s why I decided to make a short round trip! And lucky as I was, my best friend Karo offered me to accompany me on my trip. We were both madly excited and full of anticipation, it was the first time for us, so far away from home, all alone and in a completely new world. Since both of us, as well Karo as me, are poor students it was absolutely clear for us: it is going to be a low-budget backpacking trip, what means cheap local busses instead of expensive car rentals, low-priced accommodations and of course we have also booked the cheapest – and probably also the longest – flight. We decided to book a flight on the 5th of September, the internship should begin on the 1st of October, what means we would have almost four week time for our tour, that sounded very promising!

A long way to paradise

Our airline was the Iberia and our flight was Frankfurt – Madrid, Madrid – Panama, Panama – San José, so we had quite a long flight standing before us (flight time + waiting 22 hours). In addition, both of us are coming from a small town in the Bavarian forest, so only the way to Frankfurt airport, seemed like half a world-tour for us. Sadly, because of the discharge of friends and family, but at the same time full of expectations and all the new stuff standing right in front of me, we went by an eight-hour train ride in the evening, to the airport. Then we had immediately a lot of action: Check-in, giving up the suitcase, passing the safety controls and then faster as imagined we were already sitting in our gate and waited for the boarding. To be honest, I didn’t only read good things about Iberia, there were always commentaries like not enough space, inadequate food and beverage, unfriendly staff and most of all: lost luggage. And after entering our first plane, we were also confronted with this problem. We sat squeezed in our seats and had absolutely no leg-room. For the two hour flight to Madrid quite okay and acceptable, but a twelve hour long-distance flight in such an uncomfortable machine? No way, please not!

Madrid – San José

After landing in Madrid, I was just happy to be able to move my legs again, and since we had only one hour to get our connecting flight, we have known from the beginning, that we shouldn’t waste the time and hurry up. So we set off our way and then somehow we realized, that the airport is really big and we would still have a few minutes to walk and that there will be an extremely long queue at the passport-control! That was the reason why we didn’t only have to hurry up but also to start sprinting across the airport which caused, that we jumped five minutes before boarding was ended, soaked with sweat, into the plane. Full of relief, to have caught the flight, we’ve been realizing, that our plane was really comfortable and also the staff seemed to be super friendly! Luckily! Strangely, in the next twelve hours the time ‘was flying’, and suddenly we have already landed in Panama. Yet while leaving the plane, you could strongly feel that you were on a completely different continent and from this moment on, both of us really can’t remember very well about the next following hours. We don’t know why – maybe it was the lack of sleep – but suddenly, we were falling in a kind of delirium and after another four hours of waiting time and one hour flight, we were finally landing in Costa Rica.

Nearly done – last stop: Samara

Done! After arriving in San José, I was immediately wide awake and to be honest, also pretty nervous. What will happen to me in the following days and months? Will I feel comfortable in the new environment? How is the hotel internship in Costa Rica going to be? Questions about questions in my mind. Since it was already late and dark when we landed in Costa Rica, we booked a hotel for our first night near to the airport. In the confirmation e-mail we were already warned about taxi drivers, who would claim, that the hotel the client wants to go to, would not exist or that it was burned down, so that it would be necessary to drive to another, far-distanced hotel and to pay more money for the drive. With a queasy feeling in my stomach and the fear of having to discuss with a Spanish-speaking taxi driver, we’ve made our way towards the taxis. And, lo and behold, neither the previously memorized, ‘Ponga la Maria’ (Turn the taximeter on) had to be argued, nor any other dispute came about. The driver was super friendly, he immediately searched the hotel in Googlemaps, was talking to us in a good mood and brought us easily without any problem to our hotel. And also the lady in the hotel was very kind and helpful, we felt immediately welcomed and comfortable. We felt enthusiastic about our first contact to the Ticos/as! Happy but also a bit done we went to the bed and fell asleep immediately. The next day we wanted to be fit, because we had to end the last part of our trip: up to Samara in the hotel Paraiso del cocodrilo!

If you are interested about how I was getting an internship in Costa Rica, you can read Chapter 1.


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