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Let’s go for a walk

The journey is going on – Hotel internship Costa Rica (part 4)

internship Costa Rica on the beach
shells instead of sand

After a wonderful week in Samara, we could manage to move on and to start the round trip yet before the beginning of my hotel internship Costa Rica.

We hadn’t planned anything because we wanted to stay spontaneously. We would like to choose a place, to go there, to take a little room and to stay there as long as we prefer. We couldn’t even separate from the sun and the sea and for that reason, we decided to stay at the seaside but to explore another beach on the Peninsula of Nicoya. We choose Brasilito, a place some more in the north. The description on the internet sounded promising: Nice quiet sandy beach, not that many visitors and two more beaches to the left and to the right (Playa Conchal and Playa Flamingo). The next morning, we took the very first bus to Nicoya. From Nicoya we took a bus to Santa Cruz and from Santa Cruz to Brasilito. The bus rides in Costa Rica are much easier than imagined – provided you can speak a few chunks of Spanish! There are no departure displays or anything similar to this but however the Ticos are so open and friendly, you can always ask them what kind of busses are driving. And the very best: the rides are so cheap, a ticket costs mostly around 700 Colones, which amounts to approximately one euro.

Shells instead of sand – Playa Conchal

The beach of Brasilito was nice, but nothing special. But a highlight was the Playa Conchal, the next beach on the left: The beach was completely filled with little shells, it was a natural spectacle! Usually the sea looks a little bit cloudy because of the sand but here it was different, the water was turquoise and crystal clear and due to the calmness of the sea you could swim super easily and drift all day. By the way, we were sipping water out of big coconuts. What a wonderful day! The next day we spent at playa Flamingo but it was not that easy to get there. We took the approximately 4km long way over a mountain and we were sweating pretty much because it had about 30 degrees and we walked in the noon! The palmy beach looked beautiful but you could also see a lot of tourists.

On the 15th of September, Costa Rica is celebrating the day of independence and while we were on our way to the beach, we passed the parade practiced by the school. It was very nice and impressive with what kind of enthusiasm the students have performed the whole thing. It must have been a lot of work and effort to study the choreography. Boys and girls – young and old ones – were dancing and playing music along the street in their typical traditional suits and dresses. Everybody was full of pride: the children themselves, the enthusiastic parents and as well all the other spectators – rightly, because the show was great!

internship Costa Rica
volcani activity

Exploring volcanic activities – Rincón de la Vieja

We started early in the morning from Brasilito to Liberia. Our next destination was the Rincón de la Vieja national park, which can be translated as ‘fault of the old woman’ because according to an old legend, there is a witch living inside the crater of the volcano. In Liberia we were hoping to find a bus which could take us to the entrance of the park. Unfortunately, we had to realize that there simply doesn’t exist any kind of bus! Sh**t, a taxi all the way up was definitely not in our budget. We already felt confident to forget the trip to the volcano and went to the restaurant next to our hotel. And after we’ve told our problem to Pablo, the owner of the restaurant, he offered us to bring us to the park entrance for only $20! Wow, how nice and helpful the Ticos and Ticas had been again and again! We suddenly packed our stuff and went quickly straight away. We thought that the drive takes about 30 minutes but actually we needed about two hours because we lost our way about 3 times. Apparently it was not only our but also the chauffeurs first time, driving towards the national park, but hey, we have reached our goal and that for a really good price! In this sense, thanks again, Pablo!

internship Costa Rica Volcano
Rincon de la Vieja

We chose the 3km long circuit because we were relatively late and the national parks here in Costa Rica are always closing at 4 pm. The walk was fantastic, half of the route was very dry with less plants the other half was deep tropical rainforest. We could see a lot of different animals, for example lizards, spiders and even a giant guinea pig! And the most special of the tour were of course the different volcanic activities you could discover: muddy, seething earth holes, boiling hot springs, lava and much more. Everything was really impressive and exciting. At the end of our tour, Pablo was already waiting for us at the exit of the park to take us back to the hotel. In the evening we were a little bit exhausted from the long day and so we went to bed relatively early. We had to be fit the next day. Nicaragua here we come!

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