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Jogging on the beach

How often do you hear this sentence: I just want some time to do NOTHING on holiday, just to relax. Sport? There are no thoughts for this while being on vacation. But to do something good for body and mind, while still soaking up the sun, doesn’t that sound like the perfect wellness programm?

Staying at the ball from the very beginning!

I am now serving an internship for two month in a hotellodge in Costa Rica, the Hotel Paraíso del Cocodrilo. To compensate the daily work I had already started with jogging in Germany and definetly wanted to continue doing it while I’m in Costa Rica. Directly on the second day after my arrival at the hotel I was doing my first tour on the beach and since I can not stop!

Inner bastard – what’s this?

Granted, at home I sometimes had to convince myself to go for a run rather than spending the evening on the couch. Here it is different! In the gorgeous scenery of the beach, which is only a few hundred meters from the hotel, the workout makes just so much more fun than on the asphalt roads of Germany. Although the daily temperatures actually climb here over 30 ° C, on the beach it never gets too hot, there is always a light breeze. The pleasant sea breeze and the beautiful views make the jogging an experience.

Our tip: running from the Hotel Paraíso del Cocodrilo

The hotel near beach Buena Vista is well suited for running. The sand near the water is relatively fixed and there are hardly any gaps, which is very pleasant for jogging. The best time to run is at low tide, because then there is a lot of space. About six o’clock in the morning is the perfect time for the workout, as temperatures are pleasant and you can also watch the beautiful sunrise. A lovely way to start your day!

Still not convinced?

Regular jogging ensures that you feel fitter, happier and more alert and also has been proven that the brain works better, since it is supplied with more oxygen. Another advantage: you do not even need to pack athletic shoes in your suitcase, because on the beach it’s super running barefoot! And you don’t have to overexert, because even a slight training 15 to 20 minutes is worth it.

So what about the fitness program on your next vacation? We can recommend it!


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