Please don’t send a package to Costa Rica

package send to Costa Rica

Our Costa Rica tipp: do not send a package to Costa Rica. But first of all, I have to admit, the mistake was mine as well, because I ordered some supplements online from Google at a store called „Vitamins Costa Rica“. What I had overlooked was that this online store was in Gringolandia (USA).

I ordered and paid for the products at the beginning of June and they were sent to Costa Rica via UPS. The cost of the supplements was $ 65 – UPS took $ 17 for freight costs.

Problems about problems

First I was told by UPS that I had to: firtst of all submit a copy of my residence permit and second submit an application to the Ministry of Hacienda (Customs) for import authorization of the pills. The third point was even funnier: I should submit a prescription for the dietary supplements to the authority. Several times I have stated that these pills are sold freely in every vitamin shop in Costa Rica, without any prescription. Can someone please explain to me what that is supposed to be? Why do I need a prescribed prescription for freely available items? But the authorities insist on it and did not give up, so a recipe had to come from.

I got a recipe

Since many doctors or physicians are unfamiliar with the matter of dietary supplements and are only anxious to bring the chemical products of the pharmaceutical industry to the man / woman I heard sentences like „I do not know this“, „Never heard of it“ or „I do not recommend things that I do not know „. You have to imagine that, the whole thing is mainly vitamin tablets and amino acids. The doctor in Samara finally certified me – for a small to medium voluntary fee – that I needed these natural products for my health and he signed me a Certificación Medico.

The fun continues

I sent the certificate to UPS. Thereupon came a reply that I personally had to come to the Customs or the UPS office to sign some customs papers and documents. After a few phone calls and more back and forth, I finally agreed with UPS that a driver from Tamagringo came to me for another small to medium fee so I could sign the papers here. A friendly UPS man came on his moped and I signed the papers and paid 13 thousand colones for it.

To the bitter end

About 10 days later, the friendly UPS man arrived again and actually brought me the package with my vitamins! At the same time he also had brought a new bill on authorization, taxes, customs service and fairytale taxes. All in all, there was an additional amount of 67,737 colones.


The package finally arrived on the 1st of October 2017, after 3 months of ordering and payment. And I paid over $ 250. The pills had only cost $ 65, but who cares. It was fun to see how silly it all ended and interestingly, all those involved – apart from customs – say that I’m right and the whole thing is bullshit. But as I said, the mistake was mine. That’s why our tip for Costa Rica is: Never send anything to Costa Rica and certainly not when it comes to drug-like things.

More annoyances

I order via eBay a product that has a value of $ 20 and weighs 200g. Then, the Ministry of Hacienda Post sends an order that I should personally come to Puntarenas for customs to pick up the product. What the fuck? I can not afford an eight-hour drive from Samara to Puntarenas to pick up a product worth $ 20. In addition, I would still have $ 60 fuel costs. Children, that’s not possible! Does not anyone notice that?!

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