Quality instead of quantity

natural beer Costa Rica

 A real highlight for all beer lovers among us: Since July of this year, there is a new place in Costa Rica, Samara next to the organic shop, where you can try out exceptional beer. The Microbar Samara offers more than 22 artesenale beers! Well, if that’s not a culinary treat…

What is inside?

Economic growth or human well-being? Example Costa Rica

Happy Planet Index around the world

Humans are full of greed. Greedy for possessions and consumption. Our society is literally manipulated by mass advertising and oversupply of products. The consequence of this is a compulsion satisfaction by the constant purchase of new and current products.

Telephone problems in Costa Rica (experience report)

The ICE Telefono in Costa Rica promises to repair any incidents occuring on commercial lines within 24 hours of the report. But I could only dream of that.


I’m a monkey – howler monkeys in Costa Rica

Many of us know these animals only from the zoo or behind cages. Here in Costa Rica the last zoo was closed last year and animals can only be seen wild. By the way, the genes of the monkeys are about 94% identical to those of us humans. So we shouldn’t pride ourselves to much about it…

Everything is coming to an end – hotel internship part 7


After spending a few days in Nicaragua, we were really looking forward to return to Costa Rica soon…

What is really behind the oat flakes trend?

Everybody – whether the food industry, the media or nutritionist – wants us to know that oatmeal is extremely healthy and good for our body. Actually here in Costa Rica the Avena-flakes are fully in trend and the organic shop in Samara, Costa Rica sells the product even without gluten. Here some facts about the ‘wannabe superfood’:

gluten free oats

The journey is going on – Hotel internship Costa Rica (part 4)

Rincòn de la vieja national park

After a wonderful week in Samara, we could manage to move on and to start the round trip yet before the beginning of my hotel internship in Costa Rica.













Internship Costa Rica, Here we go! (chapter 2)

the beautiful coast of Costa Rica

After getting the acceptance for my internship in the hotel Costa Rica, I directly started to prepare all the necessary things and to make some decisions.

Urlaub in Costa Rica – 5 Gründe, warum Guanacaste Ihr Reiseziel sein sollte

Langschwanzhäher Costa Rica

Sie planen einen Urlaub in Costa Rica aber wissen noch gar nicht, wo genau Sie hinwollen? Wie wäre es denn mit der Region Guanacaste? Viel Sonne, Natur pur und eine wunderschöne Küstenregion – was will man mehr. Lesen Sie weiter und erfahren Sie hier, warum ein Aufenthalt in Guanacaste auch bei Ihrem Costa Rica Urlaub nicht fehlen darf.

Wie wäre es mal mit ein bisschen Entspannung?

Hängematte zwischen Palmen am Meer

Einfach mal nichts machen, geht das heutzutage eigentlich noch? Selbst im Urlaub sieht man immer häufiger, dass die Leute einfach nicht mehr richtig entspannen können. Das liegt vermutlich mitunter an der Möglichkeit, weltweit vernetzt zu sein – darauf können viele einfach nicht mehr verzichten. Aber manchmal sollte man vielleicht einfach wirklich mal den Stecker ziehen.


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