Telephone problems in Costa Rica 2019

Telephone problems in Costa Rica (experience report)

Telephone problems in Costa Rica – The ICE Telefono in Costa Rica promises to repair any incidents occuring on commercial lines within 24 hours of the report. But I could only dream of that after my telephone problems. And still, after contacting and visiting them in the office, the phone and internet does not work. What’s meant 24 hours, lasts weeks now.

Telephone problems in Costa Rica – Report

I’ve made the first telephone report beacause of my telephone problems to the ICE on 07. August 2017 at 08:38 am and the telephone line started to work again on the 19th of September 2017. In the meantime,  we wrote  back and forth 7 times until finally all the problems were fixed.

1.Communication with the ICE:

Enviado el: lunes, 07 de agosto de 2017 08:38 a.m.
Para: Soporte119
Asunto: Reports

Buenas Dias,

No Telefono 26568056
No Telefono 26568316
Hotel Costa Rica, Paraiso del Cocodrilo

No funciona la macina de Credito de Banco, grande problema para el hotel!

Telephone problems in Costa Rica
Not available in Costa Rica? What are our guests thinking?

400 metros de Escuela Esteones de Samara
Por favor ayuda, Gracias

7.Commuication with ICE

Buenas Dias,
Hasta hoy el 18.09 nada pasa, linea 26568316 sin funciona, Mis huéspedes del hotel no puar pagar con tarjeta de crédito y el daño es grande.

Por favor ayuda, Gracias Rainer Potting

ICE with a lot of problems

The ICE support and the ICE inspection authority wrote:

We apologize for the delay. Our technical department has recently been receiving more and more trouble reports, an atypical condition that led to a delay in the repair of the failure. Our service has hired a technician for you and we hope it will solve your problem as soon as possible. We are here to serve you, kind regards.

Patience – an important thing you need in Costa Rica

This is very friendly, but the hotel can’t be reached with the phone number and the bank’s credit card machine did not work. The customers complained and if, as an alternative, a money transfer from the Bank Nacional, took of course a decent fee. For many years the ICE promises to solve and manage problems in our area. The internet connection comes and goes, especially after it was raining. On Saturdays and Sundays, when the ICE is not working it is particularly glaring. Dear ICE colleagues, we look with much patience into the future and hope that in the end also with you, a trouble-free phone call will be possible.

The telephone problems in Costa Rica will last on. Infernally.

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